Yes, you can purchase disc jockey or other performer insurance for just one day. In fact, the shortest term generally includes several days of coverage, so if you are working an event for the weekend as a disc jockey, The shortest policy will provide a long enough time for you.

Before purchasing the one day policy, plan ahead. For example, you can purchase an annual policy for the same cost as purchasing 3 single event or one day policies. So, if you are going to need insurance multiple times over the course of the year, it would be more logical to purchase the annual policy.
When buying online there will be a question asking in what events you will be participating and the locations where you will work. If you are purchasing the annual policy you do not have to write a specific event and you can simply write multiple events or various events.

Is it better to buy annual disc jockey liability coverage?

The convenience of having a 12 month or annual policy is that you will not need to worry at the last minute about having coverage to go to a certain venue. You will be able to use your certificate of insurance for an entire year And provide it to different locations as you were to them. Remember, both the one day and annual options are available to disc jockeys, karaoke jockeys, face painters, and several other performers. After you use the buy online feature you will be able to obtain an instant proof of insurance following your payment.



buy dj insurance now
buy dj insurance now

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